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We will guide you on a journey that will strengthen the cognitive skills you need for lifelong learning.

We have always known how amazing the brain is and how it can learn new things.  Cognitive therapy is just another way to achieve a stronger, faster, better brain.  Let us help you or a loved one achieve lifelong learning through cognitive therapy.

Cognitive Training for Academics

Our revolutionary brain-training methods enhance learning by targeting the underlying issues that might prevent an individual from obtaining, processing, and retrieving information. In taking a cognition-based approach, we help clients to learn better, regardless of the nature of the content or the setting in which it is presented.  Our program is individualized and administered one on one to clients from ages 8 to 98.

Cognitive Training for Senior Adults

We offer ground-breaking treatment for individuals affected by memory loss as a result of brain illness or injury including, Alzheimer's disease (early, mid, and early-onset), other Dementias, Stroke/Aphasia, Traumatic Brain Injury, and MCI and age-related challenges.   The Serper Method™ is an innovative program of brain activities designed to improve cognitive skills, social skills, and memory.  It is individualized and administered one on one to clients or in small groups.

Reading & Spelling Program

It is often futile to teach students how to read and spell specific words before they have the phonetic skills needed to do so. Our program teaches an individual how to produce and perceive the sounds of a language first, giving them a stronger foundation for reading and spelling words.  We can remediate students of all ages.

Why US

Mind Quest can help:  Struggling Students, Senior Adults with Memory Loss, Attention Issues and ADHD, Aspergers and other Syndromes, Reading Problems and Dyslexia, Concussions, Traumatic Brain Injury, College-Age Students, Cognitive Impairments, and Career Adults.


Most tutoring and enrichment programs focus on different ways to present the same, tired information, drilling their students on the specific tasks they would be asked to perform in a school-based setting. Unfortunately, these approaches often fail to help students actually grasp the information, because they don’t provide a foundation of skill-based learning that helps to facilitate comprehension and learning throughout their lifetime.  Our results are more effective because they strengthen an individual’s essential cognitive skills.



100 Oakwood Avenue, Suite 400 

State College, PA  16803

Tel: 814-933-9305


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